SASS Installation on Windows

Browsers can’t interprete scss files. Browser can interprete only .css files.
You need to install SASS which will convert your scss file into .css file.
There are so many applications are available on the  internet which will generate .css code from .scss.
Some of them are free and some are paid in versions.
1) CodeKit (Paid)
2) (Paid, Open Source)
3) Ghostlab (Paid)
4) Hammer (Paid)
5) Koala (Open Source)
6) LiveReload (Paid, Open Source)
7) Prepros (Paid)
8) Scout (Open Source)

You can try with above applications.

My favourate way is to install sass through command line.
Windows users can use following steps.
** Installation **
– Install NodeJS
– Install the Ruby from
– Open CMD
– Type in “gem update –system”
– Type in “gem install sass”
– Check with “sass -v”
– Enjoy

Go to your project folder and trigger following command
sass style.scss output.css
This command compile and generate your scss file to output.css
Note: Go to your CSS folder

sass –watch style.scss:output.css
This command watches your scss file change
Note: Ctrl + C stop watching your scss file

If you have a directory with many Sass files, you can also tell Sass to watch the entire directory:

sass –watch app/sass:public/stylesheets


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